Of all the harebrained ideas out there … bird lingerie?

We ladies aren’t the only ones who suffer from “pendulous crops.”

Introducing the Birdy Bra by Crazy K Farm. This new “supportive, ultra-comfortable” product was developed to help chickens and other birds who struggle with crops that hang down lower than they should and often swing (appropriately) like a pendulum when the bird moves.

 Sound familiar? (cough, sputter) I mean … Gross!

But that’s not all! The Birdy Bra can also protect a bird’s chest, a common location of pecking by other hens. Once blood is drawn there, the pecking can escalate, resulting in infection and even death.

Sweet! I should pick one up for my next girls night … or Mardi Gras … ooh, or Black Friday!

 Our Birdy Bra can also be used on parrots that self-mutilate.

Yeah. Anything I say here will just be sad and malign one of my daughter’s favorite young celebs.

The Birdy Bra is available in four colors and a variety of sizes for all types and ages of birds.

 Well, duh. Of course, it is.

 Order yours today!

 I’m on it!



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One response to “Of all the harebrained ideas out there … bird lingerie?

  1. They CANNOT be serious…

    and yet, when we had chickens I noticed that they pecked at each other quite a bit, often in the chest. Hmmm… maybe Crazy K is onto something. What am I saying? They call it the “Birdy Bra.” They’re nuts.

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