{November 24, 2011}   Today, I am thankful for my mom AND that I wasn’t born as this comically disgusting little creature

Happy Thanksgiving, ODNT citizens. I can think of nothing more appropriate for today’s blog post than this motivational message recently shared with me by my mother. She, along with all of my family and friends, is just trying to keep me calm and happy (a 24/7/365 feat as it is) in the days leading up to my surgery. Enter this curiously funny little message. Sure, it’s probably a viral email that some of you might have already seen … but I have not … so it’s what I’m serving up today.

This little creature hails from North Africa and is called the Naked Mole Rat. I’m sure he serves many valuable purposes in life but to me his message is simple.

Whenever you’re having a bad day and feeling down about life, remember you could look like a wrinkly old penis with buck teeth.

Message received, my stomach-turning little friend. Message received.



really hope there aren’t any naked mole rats reading this post. God, I would feel like such a jerk.


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El Guapo says:

…as long as we don’t see this guy on the next ManBoobs quiz…

Anne says:

Trying to cure us all of overeating? Make us lose our lunch (dinner)? I am thankful I don’t look like that thing. Now if I could just get that image out of my mind.

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