{May 15, 2012}   My Daughter’s Dream – To NOT be an Astronaut

I’m giving my girl the floor tonight. How could I not when she came home today and showed me the report she wrote in her school journal? It’s easily the best thing I’ve ever read. God, I just hope her teacher was kind.

The topic? Would you like to go into outer space with the astronauts?


She seems so colloquial … and she rambles on and off topic quite a bit, don’t you think? I have absolutely no idea where she gets it. Plus, clearly she hasn’t heard the news about Katy & Russell. Maybe I should get her a copy of Teen People. Of course, she’s not a teen yet, so that’s probably not appropriate. I wonder if they make Tween People. Duh, Michele. They do … and it’s called Tiger Beat. God, I miss Tiger Beat.

What were we talking about again?


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Mel says:

Way to go, ODNT Jr. Stand your ground. You have some solid reasons for not going into space. I like how you swing it back on topic AND you have a concluding sentence.

Also, Katy Perry’s husband bought her tickets to space? Maybe that’s why they split. I miss all the good gossip.

Watching Alien will also pursuade someone to not want to go into space…

That is so funny. I bet her teacher loved that.

Another hilarious post. Your daughter is a genius. Found you through Finding the Funny…so happy I did!

Susan Prior says:

OMG this is awesome!! This seriously made me laugh so hard I nearly peed my pants!! I love how she has her ‘standards’, no pee drinking no matter what!! A million dollars, hmmm!! And Tiger Beat was the bomb!! Thank you KBar for sharing!!!

kelleysbreakroom says:

Hey, she made some very good points about the pee. I love that she doesn’t know about Katy & Russell. Ha! Thanks for linking up with us for #findingthefunny!

fadderly says:

lmao!!! this is classic! kids are the best!

Mari says:

Great journal entry :)

So funny and cute!!! I have a Saturday funny blog hop every weekend and would love if you would join us:) Have an awesome weekend. http://www.the-mommyhood-chronicles.com

Thanks. I think I just linked it up. Please let me know if I followed the rules. :)

No rules:) Hope to see you next week.

That would have been me in 5th or 6th grade if I had been asked if I wanted to go into outer space. My latest reason is that I would not want to be confined in a place where I can’t open the windows and have to endure the smells of everyone around me until I get back to earth. Can you imagine?????

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