{July 11, 2012}   Can YOU tell a Story in only Eleven Words?

Today’s writing prompt is brought to you by The Lightning and the Lightning BugTell a story in exactly 11 words.

I love these short exercises. So much so that I’m giving you two responses. I just couldn’t decide.

* * * * * * * * * *


“Please, Mama. I promise I’ll do everything. Can we keep him?”

* * * * * * * * * *


They got along best when they thought no one was watching.


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El Guapo says:

Eleven words wasn’t enough. So she thought she’d use twenty two.

Hyphenate that twenty-two and you’ve got yourself an entry, too … dude!


El Guapo says:

Sorry, “Great” was my reaction to your two entries.

I know. Just being a weasly jerk. Thanks. And post one!


Red says:

I love the kitten because we can all relate. But the sweetness of siblings…awwww. Both are winners!

Thanks, Red. These are always fun and my kids always inspire me.

Mel says:

These are perfect. So very sweet. You told these stories well.

Oh, and I love your boy’s shirt. :)

Knew you would. :)

Ray Ray says:

When I answered that phone, my life would be forever changed.

Beautiful, Ray. Although I can think of a few different phone calls about which you may be writing.

Guess I’ll be safe and assume you mean your boy. :)

Susan Prior says:

I loved them both! The sibling story struck a chord! Love your writing! :)

Ray Ray says:

I learned of that one in person. But that was quite a change also. :)

These are both awesome! I especially love the first one and the picture that goes with it. Perfect! Thanks for linking up!!

Those are just the cutest freaking pictures!

Amy says:

Both stories make me well up with tears. They are so precise and so beautiful with the photos. Perfection.

So sweet!
I LOVE the first one because I have been that little girl.
The second one is so cute. I love the pictures you had for each.

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