{November 14, 2012}   The Trail of Tears (This one has nothing to do with Native Americans or Billy Ray Cyrus)
Remember my friend, Trifecta? Well, he (or she … I’ve never been sure) is turning one this month and celebrating with a special writing prompt that can only be completed with a partner. Not surprisingly, I’m working with Mel at AccordingToMags.comShe wooed me actually. I was so flattered. She is the yin to my yang. The Ernie to my Bert. The Peaches to my Herb. The … whatever. She. Completes. Me.

* * * * * * * * * *

So … here’s the prompt Trifecta put up this week.

  • Charts and optimal dates and preferential temperatures. One line or two. As if she could summon whatever it is that makes up the human soul as easily as she could a cab on a busy New York avenue.

And … here’s Mel’s additional 33-100 words.

  • And just like the cabs that passed her by, ignoring the urgency in her body language, she felt herself losing hope that she would never get to where she desperately wanted to go. Maybe those missed moments were meant to steer her in another direction? She feared waiting too long and with each step forward, she began to lose sight of her original plan. Luckily, she had left a trail of tears along the way to help guide her back.

Now … enter me. I’m supposed to write 33-100 more words to link here. And we’re in SUCH a deep and earnest place. *PANIC*

Sadly though, she was completely unaware of the heat wave that would soon befall her fair city. And the same tears that COULD have carried her home now sizzled on the steaming pavement beneath her feet, disappearing into the air and creating a fog that would serve to blind her and lead her forever astray.

OFFICIALLY, my entry ends here. That’s what Mel and I agreed upon. There were originally three more sentences Mel and I elected to leave out. And I understand why Mel gently suggested they hit the cutting room floor. Still, I think anytime you can work German pork products into a story, you totally should. UNOFFICIALLY, of course. So close your eyes, Trifecta. Here’s the coda.

  • Plus, now she was craving something that sizzled. Like a good knockwurst. Which, ironically, probably meant that she was, in fact, finally pregnant.

Good Lord. Sometimes I exhaust myself.


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Tara R. says:

The coda made me hungry.

You and Mel work well together.

Thanks. We like to think (pretend) so.

And ME, TOO! I’m off to eat. Now. :)

Draug419 says:

lmfao I love it! The bonus lines are the best :D

Thanks, Draug. I often feel that way about the deleted scenes in movies. :)

El Guapo says:

I was moved from the depths of despair to the front of the lunch counter with this one!

Ooh! Please get me a black and white cookie. Thanks.

Mel says:

I wish it was Knish. ;) Well done and thank you for being the Yang to my Ying.

Gina says:

Great story all together. Love the extra added sizzle in the end’s end!

And now I want bacon. :)

Thanks, Gina.

deanabo says:

I love this. terrific descriptions.

Thanks D-Bo. May I call you D-Bo?

deanabo says:

D-Bo is great! Ha..

Lance says:

quite simpatico

I like the edits because it made me think. Good work you two!

Well, we should all take a moment to think at least once a week so you, my friend, can now rest for seven days. You. Are. Welcome. :)

Graceful writing with the prompt. Both the parts.

Thanks, Ruby. I’m flattered that I managed to elicit graceful and still get in my pork mention. :)

Kari says:

Love the description. Especially the fog. You Girls make a great team!

Thanks, Kari. We try. :)

Hahaha! The bonus lines were funny.

Thanks, Janna. I really like yours, too. :)

barbara says:

coda=awesome :)

story=nicely done. :)

your comment=well organized


nrhatch says:

I loved the last 3 lines . . . and I’m a vegetarian! :mrgreen:

It was a Morning Star knockwurst, I promise!


Lumdog says:

Great writing and wonderful descriptive words. Didn’t you guys invent the tag team thing a couple of weeks ago? Great idea!

The tag teams are fun. They build momentum and it’s interesting to see where your writing partner(s) will take it. Thanks.

Stories nicely weaved together. Oh, and something that sizzles. Congratulations.

Trifecta says:

You guys (gals) are really great. I love this piece, including the bonus lines. And I also love our cake up there at the top. Thank you so much for helping us celebrate our first year. We love having you on board.

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