{November 1, 2013}   Ketchup With Us #29

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a stupid accident that resulted in an even stupider injury. I’ll bet someone actually just raised a hand that was holding a cup of hot coffee and scalded him/herself. (snicker)

That’s exactly my point.

I’m a proud spaz and am willing to bet lots of you guys are, too. Remember, as I sit here typing, I am now four weeks in recovery for one of the most painful, most bloody and easily most stupid injuries I’ve ever had. But the boneheaded accident with my foot was just the tip (pardon the pun) of the iceberg for me. (Sigh) I’ve got millions of them. 

“I don’t WANT to!”  I whined.

“Oh, come on,” they pleaded. “It’ll be fun.”

So I entered the cage, stood on the painted feet and waited. Already knowing what was going to happen. Whoosh! The ball sprang from the machine. Directly into my left cheekbone knocking the “protective” helmet from my skull.

“I told you,” I managed.


This picture was taken right before the incident … even though my fat-with-youth face already looks swollen. (Vanessa calls the younger me Kelly Kapowski of TV’s Saved by the Bell.) After the incident, the  manager shut the batting cages down for a while. And I most certainly wasn’t smiling.

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Our esteemed Ketchup With Us Featured Writer for today is …

Brain Tomahawk

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‘KETCHUP WITH US’ – Prompt 29

In 57 words or less, tell us about your DUMBEST INJURY ever. (Or, if you’re like me, pick one of them.)



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Shay says:

My best friend also looks exactly like Kelly Kapowski. We used to call her that as a huge compliment, but she would get mad because she thought it just meant she had a “circular face.” Which always cracked me up because I thought it was so silly, but then you said something similar here! Too funny. I think Kelly K. is gorgeous! They always called me damned Tori Spelling; I used to tell my best friend to count her blessings and shut the hell up, b/c who wants to hear Tori Spelling?? Haha

Ow! Now that’s gonna leave a mark.

Beth Font says:

Scene: Stuffy laundry room, oscillating fan on dryer. Mistake: not turning fan off before leaning to get lint screen. Injury: Quarter-sized bald spot. Reason it’s family lore: some still-connected hair trapped my head against the fan, which caught on *fire*!. Couldn’t move or see how to escape but Matt saved me!

Oh, Beth, do I wish I was giving out prizes for this one. That’s a “great” story. :)

Romance Cooper says:

Backing out of range so my son could have his picture taken with Pinocchio, I stumbled over a curb I didn’t know was there & landed flat on my back in front of the line of guests at the front of the Magic Kingdom. Even a curb in the middle of my back couldn’t hide pure embarrassment.

Lance says:

Dude, I’m sure you were standing too close to the plate and showing up the fake pitcher with your Micheley attitude!


I’m so glad you were okay, because that would have scared the hell out of me had I been your friend then

I so love this comment. And I guarantee Mel would, too. “Micheley.” Bet my whole family’s gonna start using that one.

P.S. If I was standing too close to the plate, I had no idea. Me = sports spaz

Lance says:

I was joking but now…maybe not…no I was joking

Tara R. says:

That made me flinch….ouch!

Dana says:

You did kinda look like Kelly Kapowski – before the ball smashed you in the face. I’ve never been in the batting cages, and I certainly won’t go now that I’ve read this!

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