{November 12, 2013}   Because Sometimes Blog Posts are just about Goofy Stuff I see in a Store

I was dance store shopping with my girl recently when I came across an interesting product  I’d never seen before. And I’m guessing that, unless you spend the bulk of your days Capezio’d and legwarmer’d, you’ve never seen it before either. Of course, I took a picture and immediately began texting it to a few friends along with various one-liners.


  • For when you don’t want your sock lines to show through your shoes.

  • For when you don’t want to free ball in your flip flops.

Oh, fine! Just one more …

(So he can “move flexibly.” And for NO other reason.)

Whatever.  I lied. But this is REALLY the last one …

  • Gayer than Peppermint Patty. 

(I’ve been looking for an excuse to use that since watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving last week with Viv.)

Well, no. This isn’t the complete list. Not all of them were “technically” this genteel. With language befitting a lady. (cough) But that’s what makes them funny. (sweating) Right?

* * * * * * * * * *

Now it’s your turn. Hit me with your best one-liner, tagline, slogan, etc. 

Foot Thongs for Men. And … GO!


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Umm wow the fact that they have to differentiate for men and women on an item I would not have even thought of kind of disturbs me..
For the man with cold toes and nothing else??

Exactly. And the picture on the box doesn’t exactly convey dude.

Amy Meck says:

Foot Thong lll: Sole Protection
From the director of Foot Thong, & Foot Thong ll: Thongtastic Voyage.

clap …. clap …. clap (slowly and dramatically until room erupts with applause)

I love that you used the III. I noticed it and wondered about it myself. :)

MommaFishy says:

Two thongs don’t make a right.

Excellent. But you might need a speech therapist. :)

MommaFishy says:

Foot Thong III: Now showing more “toe”.

And it would probably be filmed in 3-D. :)

El Guapo says:

Foot Thong III. The Banana Hammock isn’t the only thing to fear.

I see an epic battle. A la Godzilla versus Mothra.

Nothing says “sexy” like a foot thong! Now I know what to get Hubby for christmas!

Be sure to get him a little henna tattoo he can wear right above it, too. :)

Now it certainly has appeal!

Perhaps I should do a product review …

Thong on so many levels.

If loving it is thong then I don’t wanna be right …

Mel says:

Thong up!
My thongs are barkin’
Thong and sole

Just when I think I can’t get any worse…sigh. I’ll keep thongin’.

My thongs are barkin’ … awesome. :)

I know what is on my holiday list- A foot thong!!! I would never believe it, had you not posted a picture!

Ps- I wanted to add to the above comment that differentiating between man and female- PRICELESS

Totally what I thought. It’s actually what made me start my texting spree that fateful day.

you’ll never know he is wearing them

Just like the 18-hour bra. Except for feet. Of dudes.

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