{December 31, 2013}   My Goals for 2014 … in 3 Words

My friend, Mel, gave me a great idea for a simple but meaningful post. We’re both doing it actually. And we’d love to hear yours.

* * * * * * * * * *

If I could sum up my goals for 2014 in three words, they would be …

  1. Harmony

  2. Income

  3. Novel


* * * * * * * * * *

How about you?

What are YOUR three words for 2014? (Please leave them in the comments.)


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Mel says:

Love these words! Your last word is lighting “The Fire” under my butt that I need. You know I’m here to cheer you on all the way! :)


El Guapo says:

Up, down, sideways.

Happy new year!

Just a thought. If you reorder those a little, you could probably make a triangle.

Happy New Year to the Big Guapowski!

Heather says:




Happy New Year to all! I expect to be able to read the draft mid-year Michele….John will tell you that I am very good at critiquing….Everything.

Health. You can’t spell health without Heather. Well … you can’t spell Heath. Which is also a good thing to wish for.

Space. Hmmm.

Travel. Agreed.

And I would LOVE to get your input. You’re officially on the (very) short list! Thank you. I’ve already got several chapters. Feel free to beat me over the head with reminders. :)

Kir Piccini says:


HAPPY NEW YEAR my friend!

That should be on a t-shirt. Beautiful, Kir. Thank you and Happy New Year to you, too.

Cool idea, this. Hmmm.


All very nice sentiments, Lizzie. I hope you find all you seek. Happy New Year!

Kari says:

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.

Happy New Year Michele! xo

Very nice, Kari.

No wants. Just thanks. You’re a better person than me. :)

Happy New Year!

ronalee says:


Admitting I threw that last one in there for fun, but I am totoally going to make it work for me. Happy New Year !

Excellent, Ronalee. Simply excellent.

(Except mine would be cheese.)

Happy New Year!

Peace. Serenity. Tranquility.

I can already smell the candles.

(Rough 2013, Mr. H?)

Happy New Year! :)

No, I just like those things. They’re nice. And rare.

Run. Play. Kiss.

What a playful sounding 2014 you’ve got ahead of you. Just don’t forget the sunscreen! :)

Happy New Year, Eli!

Happy new year! Sunscreen, check.

Tara R. says:

Just. Do. It.

Please mention this advice every day until December 31st of this year, Tara. I need a pusher! (Wait, that came out wrong.)

Happy New Year! :)

Sarah Day says:

Observe. Experiment. Embrace.

Follow it and I predict you’ll learn a lot in 2014, you lovable scientist.

Happy New Year, Sarah! :)

Lance says:

best wishes

If I can help you in any way with the novel, please ask. That’s what crazy writer friends are for.

Happy Catorce


Hey, we all have to have a dream. Good luck with yours. Maybe you can inspire me to get mine finished.

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