{January 14, 2014}   A Treasured Family Memory. In 33 Monosyllabic Words.

Our writing prompt for today is from Trifecta. In 33, one-syllable words, complete the story that begins with “The first time I saw …” After considering a few different ideas, I went with non-fiction.

The first time I saw …

… it, I threw it in the trash. I knew it would say no.

They all said no.

Hours passed. He looked at it.

“I don’t think it’s a no” was all he said.


Friday, February 12, 1999. The Day My Infertility Died.

* * * * * * * * * *

What about YOU?

Can you finish the story in 33 one-syllable words? Here. I’ll start you off. The first time I saw …


That Suburban Momma
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Amy Meck says:

Beautiful. ❤️ Made me tear up!

Thanks. Me, too. :)

Kir Piccini says:

Oh. My heart. I know that feeling. The day my infertility died is do much more than a phrase, or was a day of freedom, of hope, of belief.

This made me cry. Thank you for sharing it. Xo

Thank you, Kir. I’m sorry you know the feeling, too. We’re a couple of tough broads, aren’t we?

Kir Piccini says:

No one I’d rather be called a “tough broad” with than you. You’re an amazing person. :)

OMG you’re pregnant.

Dude, you make me laugh. And that’s not always easy to do. :)


WELL YOU’RE LAUGHING FOR TWO NOW!!! I’m so excited. Have you thought of any baby names? How about Bambi?

Gina says:

This is fantastic! Life changing!!!

You’re right about that, Gina! Thanks. :)

I cannot say I know how that feels. I seemed to be just the opposite even on birth control. But you explaining this is just beautiful and exciting. So sweet. Oh and no I can’t , as a rule, just use one syllable words I would go nutso..

It was harder than I thought. I accidentally slipped one in there a few times.

Tara R. says:

I got a little choked up. What a great baby watch story.

Thanks, Tara. It was almost as great to tell it as it was to live it. Um, almost.


That pretty much sums it up. :)

KymmInBarcelona says:

Fun story! Good to see you, also.

Thanks, Kymm. It’s always nice to say hello here.

This is too good. I’m jealous.

Thanks, Ann. Don’t be. It’s non-fiction. I cheated.

This is great! The response and the end of infertility :)

What a great post! Nothing is so life changing as those two little lines on the pregnancy tester; especially if you have been trying unsuccessfully for awhile, like my wife and I were. For all who have struggled to have their baby, let this post be the banner flying at the very top of the flag pole! :)

Awww. What a nice comment. Thank you for that.

Draug419 says:

What a wonderful little piece.

Aw, glad you were wrong:)

Thanks, Friends at Trifecta. :)

Mel says:

:) Awww! I love this one. Great memory! It’s a fantastic time to be wrong.

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