{March 3, 2014}   What Disney World Looks Like After Midnight


Instead of Mardi Gras. Instead of the Oscars. Instead of sleep.

I love these guys.

Thanks, Dave, for being our photographer.

Oh, and this is what a blog post looks like after seeing what Disney World looks like after midnight.

Were you expecting fancy typefaces and $10 words? Yeah? I’m typing from under the covers in a darkened room while everyone else is sleeping. Insomnia rules!

Happy Lundi Gras, everybody!


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Ashley says:

Aw, y’all look great. I hope my kiddos are still excited about Disney w/ mom & dad at that age.

TammieB says:

Jealous. I love Disney World (only ever been there once, but it was magical….and I’m a dork) Have a great vacation!

Mel says:

Hugs and kisses to all three of those faces from Ms. Mel. Fine, and the rest of the Bugaj clan. But mostly from Ms. Mel. :) That’s a framer!

And back at YOU, Miss Mel. :)

Mel says:

Oh! And Dean’s shirt is WICKED awesome!

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