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Will the Real ODNT Please Stand Up?

Ever been told you have a twin? I have. A lot. I even wrote a post about it a while back called Who’s Your Doppelgänger? And the faces to which I’m compared are usually famous ones to which I see little or no resemblance.

Case in point.


Not only is there a pigmentation differential here, but I have not yet jumped into the plastic surgery pool. (Yes, I know my blog name is ironic.)

And then there are the non-famous faces … like “that girl who sat behind me in Algebra class who always wore the Nirvana t-shirt with the big rip in the sleeve.”  I never make their acquaintance and thus never get the chance to see how I really measure up to these poor souls.

Until now.

A writing friend of mine (Hi, JD!) recently sent me a picture … a video really … of an event that took place in San Diego a year ago. She was surprised to see me there. And so was I. Because I wasn’t.


What do you think?


I attempted (somewhat lazily) to replicate the picture for dramatic effect.

After getting over the initial humor of the similarity (my son laughed OUT LOUD for ten minutes), I suddenly started to worry that maybe she was my evil twin. Or … even worse … maybe I’m the evil twin. (Although I almost never wear an eye patch and I haven’t used my freezing death ray in years.) I’ll bet she’s got better shoes. And she’s probably multi-lingual.

Do y’all think we could switch out lives like in The Parent Trap? Maybe I should be calling Lifetime to pitch an idea for The New Patty Duke Show. Except we wouldn’t call it The Patty Duke Show because that would be stupid. Oooh! Unless we could get Patty Duke to sign on as our Executive Producer … or maybe she could play our wisecracking old landlord.

The possibilities are endless. I’d better get right on it ….


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Who’s Your Doppelganger?

Have you ever been told you look like someone else? I have. All my life. And I seldom see these resemblances, but I guess that’s usually how it works, right?  The cashier at the grocery store today gave me the idea to write this entry when she asked me a question during the check out process.

Cashier: Have you ever seen the movie ‘Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants?’

Me: No.

Cashier: Do you know who you look like? (Calls her co-worker over as she is shocked by my ‘striking’ resemblance, then says to friend) Who do you think she looks like?

Co-worker: Oh, my God! The girl from ‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’ movie. (They were both so excited that I’m guessing they had just seen the movie.) Wait, what’s her name again?

Me: Amber Tamblyn.

Both girls:(Both turning to stare at me) Yes! How did you know?

Me: Because I’ve been told that about a half a dozen times before. And actually now twice today.

I think I must have THE singlemost common face in the history of faces. Over the years, I’ve had people stop me in my tracks to tell that I look “exactly like” some person in their lives. It’s usually just an old roommate, their landlord, the woman on the other side of the cubicle, their cousin’s ex-girlfriend’s dog groomer, etc. But sometimes it’s people with whom I’m actually familiar and, in many of these cases, I find myself thinking that these people (the ones making the twin accusations) should really consider updating their eyeglass prescriptions.  And soon.

Some of the doppelgangers I’ve heard about in my life:

Amber TamblynI’ve heard this one a lot the last few years. The poor girl is not even 30 and she’s being compared to some old broad on the internet blogging about boobs.


Lea Thompson - It happened a lot back in the 80s, then starting again with her TV show in the 90s. She’s precious so I love it.


Valerie BertinelliLove her. I take this one as a compliment, too. I wonder if Valerie hears the same thing.


Janet JacksonA little weird since I’m white.


Markie PostAgain, weird as I’m neither blonde nor 60.


ODNTNo, this is not me, though many who know me personally have asked if it was. Even my own brother asked if it was me “Nagel-ized.” I picked it because I liked it. And I guess it does kinda look like me.


 What about you?

Who do people say that you look like?