Just checking in today

Planned to write today but a splitting headache, still present, says otherwise. People are freaking me out a bit lately with negative stories. Of course, I am easily freaked. Must push forward. At this point, it’s only research anyway, right?

Now … where’s the damned ibuprofen?



One response to “Just checking in today

  1. I’ve never understood why people try to scare others out of doing something they want to do. Having been through this myself, I can tell you, it’s nothing a couple of days of pain pills can’t get you through. I’m sure there are a few horror stories out there. There are also people who get hit by lightning or run over by a bus while crossing the street. It’s very rare, but it happens. For some reason, those are the stories everyone talks about. I prefer to tell my story. I look back and can barely remember the aches. I look down daily and am happy with my results.

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