Happy Labor Day from ODNT

Hope everyone’s having a fun day off celebrating this holiday, first recognized more than a hundred years ago.   Here are just a few of the newer ‘observances’ I found during a recent and very meaningless google search.  Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss out!

– National Breast Appreciation Day (January 2)

– International Touch a Boob  Day (February 23 or March 17; Apparently, there is some discrepancy here.)

– National Sideboob Day (March 24)

– National Feel a Boob Day (March 31; This one I support as it’s related to Breast Cancer Awareness.)

– National Cleavage Day (sometime in April, South Africa)

– National Go Braless Day (July 5 or July 9; Again, there’s a  discrepancy.  Maybe men just want it commemorated more than once a year?)

– Go Topless Day in Venice Beach, CA (August 23)

– National Grab a Boob Day (April 23 or sometime in September;  Yes, again, there’s a discrepancy.  See a trend here?)

– National Boob Cake Day (October 10, It’s part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so again – Yay!)



3 responses to “Happy Labor Day from ODNT

  1. Side Boob Day…what’s up with that?? It’s all or nothing, right! HA!

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  3. Excellent roundup.
    BTW, I sent a hat tip your way from March 31 – National Feel a Boob Day.

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