From Girl Scout cookies to baby Michael Jackson

Today’s Weight … 121.4

Not bad considering there was late night hummus and crackers involved.

Don’t get it? Check this post.

You’ll be happy to know that, 24 hours later, the Girl Scout cookie sale total now stands at a somewhat respectable 93, thanks to a certain restaurateur (that spelling is correct – I looked it up) in town who ordered 39!

Yes, it’s a weird number.  But when someone orders 39 boxes of cookies from your child, you don’t ask …“Why?  Why not an even 40?  Do you need a number that is equally divisible by 13? Should I be worried about that? You do know that these are Girl Scout cookies, right? Wholesome Girl Scout cookies.” Instead, you simply smile and say, “Why, thank you, ma’am, for supporting the Louisiana Girl Scouts Council.  May I ask where you would like your cookies delivered? And, my, what a lovely blouse you’re wearing today.”

And, if you’re wondering what 93 boxes of cookies will score you, take comfort in the fact that my girl has earned the theme patch (60+), the chump 2012 patch (36+) and the (lame) participation certificate (1).  I think that last one was created for the sad, little paste-eaters. (“You’re all winners to me!”)  

After these patches comes stuff (i.e. hoarder-house-clutter).  Incentives like sneaker-shaped pencil pouches, plush giraffe neck pillows and glittery soccer balls are among the many exciting prizes she can earn to help fill the nooks and crannies of our home.  I’m not too worried about them.  But I know she is.  Poor thing never stood a chance with my two-day sales blitz. Anyway, please wish my sweet girl luck tomorrow as she auditions for the school Variety Show.  She’s done it a few years now and this year will be performing a great little number she picked out on her own. Enjoy!

Dave & I offered to be her back up.  She declined. And we had moves and everything. Sigh.



4 responses to “From Girl Scout cookies to baby Michael Jackson

  1. Please tell me she’ll have the hat!!!

  2. Nice childhood memory of MJ…I had 1,2,3, a,b,c on a 45….Yipes! How old is that? At least it wasn’t a 78. Congrats on the sales and what a score w/ the restauntuer (did not look it up for spelling). A big “Break a leg” to your daughter…maybe you can explain that expression to her….Mom!! “a stalker on your blog wants to break my legs!”.

    • Thanks. And no one here is a stalker. Readers, listeners, sounding boards, ODNT citizens – you name it. I love you, guys. Without you, I’d be talking to the cat and making him cry every day.

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