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And the winner of the Jud & Bill Episode 11 Contest is …

Have I been REMISS or have I been SLACKASSED? You be the judge. re·miss   ri·mis’ – (adj.) negligent, careless, or slow in performing one’s duty, business, etc.  OR slack·assed   slak’·ast – (adj.) lazy; whiny; buck-passing; lame excuse-generating; easily distracted by snacks * * * * * * * * * … Continue reading

The Jud & Bill Prize Package – She is Finally Revealed!

Remember Amy Ragg, our winner of the Jud & Bill Episode 11 Contest? Well, the hardworking people here at ODNT mailed off her glorious prize package this week … and we just received notification that she has received it! hardworking /härd·wər’·kiNG/ cheese-eating, … Continue reading

Wake up, ODNT! You forgot about the Jud & Bill Contest.

No, no, no. I did NOT forget about the Jud & Bill Contest. It’s summer so my kids are home 24/7 … and they’re tearing  through laundry, food, dishes, my money, my last nerves and hours of my time like … Continue reading

Jud & Bill Contest Submission from Kari

I’m sharing an entry for the Jud & Bill contest submitted just under the gun by ODNT reader, Kari. * * * * * * * * * * Hi Michele, Here’s my entry. It may suck, but it was … Continue reading

Jud & Bill are hosting a CONTEST. With a PRIZE!

This post is my first-ever attempt at a link-up so please bear with me. Yesterday, I posted the final episode of the Jud & Bill Brotherly Love series. For those of you just tuning in, click here to catch up on … Continue reading

You say “PoTAYto,” I say “Aack! That is so freakin’ gross. Somebody get me some water!”

Yes, that’s right. The annual Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor” potato chip tasting contest is in full swing again. (awkward pause) Wait, seriously? You guys didn’t know? Don’t you watch the nightly news … check the AP wire … follow … Continue reading

Jim Gaffigan brightened MY day. Now it’s HIS turn.

First of all, in the event that, for some crazy reason, you aren’t familiar with the fabulous Mr. Gaffigan and his work, please allow me to introduce you. I’ll wait while you catch your breath before I move on. . … Continue reading

A Favorite Trio – Plus a WHOLE MESS of LPs for Sale Right Here

At long last, I give you the ODNT Great Online Record Sale of 2013. (There will never be another one, by the way.) Remember how my parents moved out of my childhood home last Spring? And how I was put … Continue reading

Check Your Email, Dude – It’s a Baby Shower!

No, it’s not from Jud and Bill … MORE ON THAT CONTEST SOON, BY THE WAY … but I did get another misdirected email recently. Remember MY PLAN to rid this world of this electronic idiocy? Every time I get something good … Continue reading

Check Your Email, Dude – Brotherly Love (Ep. 10)

It is with a heavy heart that I give you Episode 10, the final installment of the Jud & Bill series. And there’s a little SURPRISE at the bottom of this post! Remember MY PLAN to rid the world of misdirected … Continue reading