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Happy Birthday, Dean

Dean is fourteen today. And I’m not really sure how we got here. His feet outgrew mine years ago. There is no heel height I can wear that brings me even close to his now-towering presence. He can pick me … Continue reading

Of Pomp, Of Circumstance and Of Dean

He … has all the nerve. He … stands firm on the ground underneath him. I … am reticent. I … am scared, needy. How will I ever make it through? It is quite the paradigm shift. My boy and … Continue reading

Happy (Gulp) 17th Birthday to My Son

The year was 1999. Lance Armstrong won his first Tour de France title. The euro was established as the standardized currency unit across the nations of Europe. (Nearly two decades later, Great Britain still embraces the pound. As well as … Continue reading

The Day I Realized My Son Was “Older” Than Me (aka #DaddysHome Release!)

The following post was written to promote the upcoming release of Daddy’s Home in theaters nationwide on Christmas Day 2015. Sometimes the child has to take on the role of the mature adult to compensate for the immaturity of … … Continue reading

An Open Letter to My Dad on his 75th Birthday

I’ve gone back and forth on my whole “Dad’s 75th birthday post” idea. Should I write something ABOUT my father?  Or something TO him? The first way would be so easy. I could write about all the other things in the world … Continue reading

A Letter to My Son on His 16th Birthday

Dear Dean, You are sixteen today. SIXTEEN! How on Earth is that possible?!!? I remember being sixteen. I loved being sixteen. And I’m pretty sure I was just sixteen about twenty minutes ago. (pausing to dab corner of eye) For the record, … Continue reading

The Scariest Morning I’ve Had In a While (Don’t worry. It ends well.)

For anyone just tuning in around here, I have one husband, two children and two pets. Sometimes I feel like we should get a third pet just for the rhythm and flow of that first sentence. Then I regain my sanity … Continue reading

Let’s put the “US” in Sinus tonight, okay?

It’s been a weird week. Or rather a long week. Unlike this post. Because I’m relying on an old writing trick. I’m setting my timer for 10 minutes. I have to write for ten minutes straight. No stopping. No editing. … Continue reading

The Trip to DC with My Girl … in Pictures!

My girl and I just got back from her class trip to DC. We actually got home late Tuesday night and have literally been holed up ever since. The trip was fantastic. We accomplished more there in four days than … Continue reading

I’m Going to Freeze My (insert body part) Off This Weekend. Here’s Why.

I’m headed to Washington DC this weekend on a school trip with my daughter’s 7th grade class. Some of you might remember me taking this same trip two years ago with my son. Which, of course, means I’m a seasoned … Continue reading