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Five Ways to Keep Milo from Eating the Dwarf Hamster (by ODNT, Jr.)

My girl’s really starting to build her case for the stupid dwarf hamster I wrote about earlier this week. I think she’s even started interviewing sitters for when we’re out of town later this summer. And I’m sure her friends’ … Continue reading

Should I be calling Letterman about Milo?

Today’s Weight … 122.4 But today I went out for lunch plus I had pasta and gingerbread for dinner. I’m weak. Cross your fingers for tomorrow. Don’t get it? Check this post. My kids recently discovered that Milo has a … Continue reading

A Letter to My Son on His 16th Birthday

Dear Dean, You are sixteen today. SIXTEEN! How on Earth is that possible?!!? I remember being sixteen. I loved being sixteen. And I’m pretty sure I was just sixteen about twenty minutes ago. (pausing to dab corner of eye) For the record, … Continue reading

Ever Ingested 100 Things in One Day? I have.

Summer is almost here. I can see it, smell it, feel it. Remember I live just 2,000 miles from the equator. The humidity here is visible to the naked eye. So I’ve started thinking about shorts, summer dresses and (shudder) … Continue reading

Ten Ways Pets are Better … I mean EASIER than Kids

We lost a beloved family pet recently. (R.I.P. Herve) And the idea of replacing him has come up a few times in the last week. At first, I was opposed to it, but then I started wondering “Are pets really any … Continue reading

The Scariest Morning I’ve Had In a While (Don’t worry. It ends well.)

For anyone just tuning in around here, I have one husband, two children and two pets. Sometimes I feel like we should get a third pet just for the rhythm and flow of that first sentence. Then I regain my sanity … Continue reading

I’m Going to Freeze My (insert body part) Off This Weekend. Here’s Why.

I’m headed to Washington DC this weekend on a school trip with my daughter’s 7th grade class. Some of you might remember me taking this same trip two years ago with my son. Which, of course, means I’m a seasoned … Continue reading

My hamster is starting to resemble Macauley Culkin

And sadly, I don’t mean precocious, crime-fighting, scream-while-aftershave-slapping Macauley. I’m talking about the ninety-eight pound, chain-smoking, allegedly-heroin-addicted Macauley. Scruffy-haired, thin and always jonesing for … well, let me back up a little. You guys remember Herve, right? Vivien’s sweet little pet … Continue reading

My Long Weekend in Memphis (in Pictures)

Technically, we were still home for this pathetic display. But I always find Milo’s defiance regarding our family travel both entertaining and pitiful. Here’s where we stayed. (Note: I’m lying.) Pictured is the historic Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis which … Continue reading

If You Take a Hamster to the Exotic Vet …

You guys remember Herve, right? Well, the poor little guy was not feeling well recently. And even though he is a hamster … and even though he is now two years old (which is, like, 65 in people years … … Continue reading