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Happy Birthday to ODNT Jr.

Happy Birthday to the girl who brought more color, dimension and excitement … than I would have ever thought possible … to my life. I love you SOOOOOO much. Dubbed ODNT Jr. by Mel, my writer pal at According to … Continue reading

ODNT, Jr. Strikes Again … and this time she brought a friend

Two Tweenagers, One iPad & a Dream ODNT, Jr. and her PAL made it for me yesterday. They could have created it about absolutely anything … but they chose this subject. It’s meaningful, it’s imaginative and it’s completely covered in Ketchup. … Continue reading

The ODNT, Jr. “Vote for My Mom” Campaign (Part 3)

Maybe it’s because it’s a big election year. Maybe it’s because she loves me. Or maybe it’s just because it provides yet another platform for her to showcase her two favorite little varmints. In any event, my girl is determined … Continue reading

The ODNT, Jr. “Vote for My Mom” Campaign (Part 2)

Remember my sweet girl’s plan to get me named a Top 25 Funny Mom? Well, her efforts continue with this second drawing … depicting Herve the Hamster and his overeating disorder. Seriously, how can you resist a campaign poster with rodent … Continue reading

ODNT, Jr. is Campaigning for Me

HER: (exhibiting genuine interest) “Whatcha looking at, Mama?” ME: (channeling a crappy mom by not turning away from the computer and dismissing the question) “Nothing.” HER: (regurgitating my ‘mom words’ back to me) “It’s not nothing if there’s something on the screen, Mama. What is … Continue reading

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook …. and ODNT, Jr.

Are you familiar with Snowflakes for Sandy Hook? On December 21, just as school was letting out for the holidays, our principal sent an email detailing a special project for the children returning to school for the first time since … Continue reading

Five Ways to Keep Milo from Eating the Dwarf Hamster (by ODNT, Jr.)

My girl’s really starting to build her case for the stupid dwarf hamster I wrote about earlier this week. I think she’s even started interviewing sitters for when we’re out of town later this summer. And I’m sure her friends’ … Continue reading

Mrs. ODNT Goes to Philadelphia – Day 2

I’m checking in at a decent hour tonight so I can finally get some sleep on this trip. Plus we’re supposed to lose electricity and water at the hotel for a few hours tomorrow so we’re clearing out of the … Continue reading

The Newest (Non-Breathing) Member of the ODNT Household

I gave blood yesterday. And I brought my kids with me. I like to think that I’m a role model. Sure, I write a blog with a bad word in it, I’ve been known to dye my hair crayola colors … Continue reading

A Guest Post With According to Mags: Give It Up

Me: “YES! I’d love to do a guest post for you while you’re away. Any subject in particular or do I have free reign?” Michele: “Free reign.” SA-WEEET!  I couldn’t wait to get started! But then, you know what happened? … Continue reading