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Yes, my court documents really do list my boobs as community property (by Anne)

It’s a great day at ODNT as we have a guest author again and I get to sit back and let someone else do the writing around here. Anne, one of our expert panelists, has been such a big help to me with all the mystery boob pics that I wanted to share one of her funnier stories. So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going with my girlfriends, Ashley and Vanessa, to see the touring production of Rock of Ages today … and I need some time to rat my hair …

My funny story isn’t really on the expedition to boobs. It’s more post-boobs. I got divorced about 6 months after getting my new boobs. I like to think of them as a going away present. My ex likes to think of them as community property. He even listed them as community assets in our divorce. I asked him if he wanted the left or the right. He never answered. Luckily I was awarded sole custody of both my left and right breasts in my divorce. He has no visitation rights.