Where are all the bloggers in this town?

Not unlike most days, my intended plans for today versus what actually happened resembled each other about as much as a vending machine and a spider monkey. And it’s Monday, right? That means everyone in my house is drag-ass tired from pushing ourselves all weekend and not saying no nearly enough to all of the activities and invitations that come our way. I guess there are worse problems, but still … I’m freakin’ tired.

We managed to get up on time, dress and have breakfast pretty quickly, never mind the fact that my kids have now decided they don’t like grits anymore. The balking ended when I pointed out that MY breakfast was the “yucky brown banana” and I’d be more than happy to organize a trade with anyone interested. Radio silence.

And then, there were the inevitable school lunch menu complaints from my daughter. Sorry, dear, it’s just a nasty fish sandwich kind of day. This is a crazy morning and I actually have to go to a classroom of my own … which means I can’t bring you to school in a t-shirt and pajama bottoms today. (Sidenote: Sunglasses and gum are great substitutions for make-up and toothbrushing at this hour.)

Anyway, with my kids finally on their way, I headed to the nearby community college for the first day of a two-session ‘Blogging for Beginners’ class I just signed up for last Friday. It seems like a good fit for me these days … and I figure MY gain here is YOUR gain, right? A friend of a friend of mine (Amanda, after today’s colorful chat, I’ll now be eliminating that first ‘A friend of’ part) signed up with me and we were meeting in the classroom.

And, dude, was I prepared! I brought not only my faxed registration form but also an old padfolio (remember those?) for notetaking, two reliable pens and even a jacket in case it got cold. (Don’t judge! This is what motherhood does to you.) I haven’t been on the receiving end in a classroom since 1997 so my geek tendencies were high.

On my drive over, I called the college from my cell to find out where I was supposed to park and decided also to go ahead and confirm my last minute registration. Which turned out to be a really good idea since the damned class was canceled! Not enough registrants. (Insert your favorite explevatory word here.)

I was really looking forward to upgrading my tech knowledge and feeding my inner nerd. She’s starving!

I called Amanda immediately who, of course, knew nothing of the cancellation of the class that was to begin merely ten minutes later. And she was just as bummed as I was. So, we did what all women do in the face of a crisis. We met at the nearest coffee shop to eat away our troubles and have our own informal ‘blogchat.’ (If that word catches on, I totally want the rights. Hang on … a quick Google search shows some techgeek already beat me to it. Wait … what about ‘techgeek?’ … searching … Damn it, also taken! Guess I’ll just stick with ‘explevatory’ for now.)

Amanda and I had a good visit. A productive one. She’s gearing up to launch her own blog, which I’ll spill about as soon as she’s ready. In the meantime, in the interest of ‘higher learning,’ I motored over to the nearest bookstore and picked up a copy of ‘Blogging for Dummies.’ This series of books has always been helpful to me … which really should be telling me something.

If I was smart enough to figure it out.



4 responses to “Where are all the bloggers in this town?

  1. Impressive that you are taking this so seriously.
    I should probably consider taking mine a bit more seriously. I haven’t really developed a theme or topic of focus yet.
    I should probably try to concentrate on that.
    And I would LOVE to start my day in pajamas!

  2. Also, I should probably not use the phrase “should probably” quite so much….

  3. I wish I had known of such a class. Sounds like fun. Of course, I suppose it doesn’t really matter since it was canceled.

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