Can someone help me back up on the horse, please?

Today is December 13 … which you already know if you own a calendar, a phone, a TV or you even just leave home and drive by an electronic bank marquee once in a while. What today means for me is that it’s been 12 days since my surgery.  And I’m trying to get back into the swing of things and sort of become myself again.  But it’s proving to be a little harder than I expected. My cat got out this weekend and the walk around the block that I took to find him nearly killed me.  And then there was the time I tried to sit straight up (rather than the tuck and roll).  Or my sneezing fit today.  Or every single cough, laugh or deep breath.  Damn, I’m weak. And slow.  And I’m so tired of these deficiencies. Tired being the operative word here.

But I’m trying to come back.  And today, I drove.  I actually drove my car by myself.  I had no destination in mind when I got behind the wheel and I’m still trying to figure out why in the hell I chose to drive to Toys ‘R’ Us.  (Seriously, it’s Christmas … but what was I thinking?) For what was a completely fruitless visit.  But I got out there today.  And I didn’t almost kill anyone.  (Unless you count myself with the sneezing.)

Tomorrow, I think I’ll try wearing a bra again.  Wish me luck.


7 responses to “Can someone help me back up on the horse, please?

  1. Good luck! Next up, jumping jacks, I’m sure. Hope you heal up sooner then expected.

  2. Wow, driving the car… getting ready to wear a bra… our little girl is growing up so fast!

  3. HOORAY for Driving! But……Seatbelt???? OUCH???!!!!!

    • And also – you have to work your way up to the horse again. Start on a large goat, or an Irish wolfhound, then move yourself up to a donkey or a pony, then you can shoot for the horse…

  4. Didn’t they say it would be several weeks before you were back to full strength?
    If that’s the case, you’ve probably blown right past the recuparatory bell curve.

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! but don’t push too hard.

    And pick a fun bra. It’ll make it easier to bear the pain.

  5. 12 days? Give yourself a break. You had people digging around in your chest. Your body needs time to heal. That exhaustion is your body telling you to stop and let yourself rest, so your body and repair itself. NOW GET BACK TO BED, YOUNG LADY!

    I know it sucks not being able to do all of the things you’re used to doing, but there are reasons for it. Just suck it up and follow doctor’s orders. When you’re tired, rest. You’ll be back to normal soon enough. Then you’ll be wishing you could just stop and nap once in a while.

  6. I’m with Anne. The problem with super-women like us is that we always think, “3 weeks, huh? I can do it in 2.” And then we push ourselves too hard, thinking, “Well, I was doing better at 2 weeks than they thought!” And you end up suffering longer, being *almost* better.
    I had the procedures done for the Essure (permanent, non-invasive – or so they say), and an endometrial ablation. (I’ll spare the details on it, but if you look it up you’ll see all about it.) They said, “You should be up and back to normal within a couple of days.” Well, stupid me… I start pushing myself same day. And I was miserable for weeks because I caused damage by being (or thinking I’d be) super human.
    Take your time. Be patient. You’ll come around.

    Fingers crossed for a continued speedy recovery!

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