My girl’s salute to the moms in her world

Today, I’m posting the latest and greatest design submitted to me recently by my little in-house artist (aka my daughter). Maybe it’s because of my own recent experience or maybe it’s because of her grandmother’s surgery but she came home with this drawing on Tuesday of this past week. For obvious reasons, her sweet submission was temporarily tabled but I can now think of no better time than this weekend to post an homage to moms everywhere.

At only $999.99, she’s really a steal. Of course, if you want to rush your order and have her immediately, the price apparently goes up … one million per cent.

Yeah, I think that sounds about right to me.


I love you to my mom. I miss you to Dave’s mom. And thank you to my sweet girl. You’re going to make a great mom one day.


2 responses to “My girl’s salute to the moms in her world

  1. This is priceless! And I love her booties. Very fashion forward 🙂

  2. “Gives you lots of money” – LOL!

    Very cute. I love all my kiddo’s drawings. Most of them have at the top “To mom. I love you mom Love, Lizzie” She can drive me bonkers but her endless mommy love is heart melting. 🙂

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