Guest Post from my Girl – Her Dream Vacation

Since we’re on an actual family vacation right now, I’m letting my girl serve as our guest writer on ODNT here today with the recent essay she wrote (and typed!) for her 4th grade English class.

We’re still ‘Griswold-ing’ our way through Disney World in Orlando. I hope to post more about it later but, in the meantime, you can follow our family adventure on Twitter.

And now for my girl’s colorful composition …



4 responses to “Guest Post from my Girl – Her Dream Vacation

  1. Well … I’ve never been to Jamaica. Interestingly though, my wife and her sister will be going on a cruise out of your city and one of the stops is Jamaica.

  2. That’s it. Your daughter is my new travel agent.

  3. She writes well for her age….better than some adults who have blogs. LOL

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