The shortest writing assignment I’ve ever been given

For today’s post, I am participating in Trifecta’s Trifextra Weekend Challenge.  This kind of assignment is actually a lot of fun for writing nerds like me.  Visit this link and scroll down to the bottom of the post to see all the entries and vote for your favorite (wink) … or maybe even enter one of your own.

Here are the only rules: Everyone starts with the same 5 words and must turn it into his or her own story in only 33 words. The 5 introductory words are NOT to be counted in the 33 words. This week’s five words: “The phone rang at 4am.”

Here’s “our” (it takes a Village, yes?) entry … entitled Troubleshooting

The phone rang at 4am.

She glanced over but, seeing it still soaked with his blood, she ignored it.  “It’s probably just her again anyway,” she thought, as she finally released the weapon and slipped out the window.

Now … go vote! We’re entering at the last minute so we’re already behind the eight ball on this one! Next time, we’ll get an earlier start.  Yes, there WILL be a next time …



11 responses to “The shortest writing assignment I’ve ever been given

  1. Ah! You caught the Trifecta bug. Dang, she scares me. I like her. Seems like he was being a bad, bad boy.

  2. This intrigues me. I have so many questions. Is the killer “his” mistress? Wife? Ex-wife? Where are they? Why did she do it? Who is the woman calling? You know what, you should just write a book around this to answer all my questions. 🙂 Great job!

  3. Alternate title: Lady Ninja.

    • Funny. Oh, and I read all the entries after submitting mine. Of the dozens submitted, yours was honestly one of my top three. Excellent. We were thinking along similar lines. Because nothing normal happens at that hour of the night. 🙂

  4. Thanks so much for linking up to Trifextra. Remember, this weekend’s entries are being judged by the Trifecta community, so make sure you visit the site at the close of the challenge to vote. Our linking service will not allow you to vote for a link from the same computer where it was submitted, so plan ahead! Voting closes 12 hours after the close of the challenge. Winners will be announced with the Monday post. Hope to see you back then.

  5. There’s some strange goings on in ODNTville.
    This was great! Remind not to piss you off.

  6. Well, you sure went with the hard hit. Nice!
    And what did that guy do to make her bloody him up so badly that it even got on the phone? Sheesh! Pretty bad-ass.
    Came from the Trifextra linkup.

  7. What I want to know most is who the ‘she’ who might be calling ‘again’ is! Well written. The piece captures this enigmatic character very well.

  8. Now that gets my attention! 🙂

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