Troubled over a Troublesome Troubler (From the Smartass Collection – for Trifecta)

It’s Trifecta time.

And this week was HARD. I just couldn’t get a handle on the one-word prompt. So I tried using it every way I could. One of them just has to be right. Dear God, I think I’m starting to channel Edward Hotspur.

RULES: Entries must be between 33 & 333 words and need to include the following word using its 3rd definition (below).

1 : the quality or state of being troubled especially mentally
2 : public unrest or disturbance <;;there’s trouble brewing downtown>;;

* * * * * * * * * *

Troubled over a Troublesome Troubler

* * * * * * * * * *

“Trouble in Paradise?” he asked.

“This latest Trifecta prompt has caused me nothing but trouble. Honestly, it’s been troubling me all day,” she answered.

“What’s the trouble?”

“The word this week is ‘trouble.’ It’s a real troubler for me. And I’m having trouble trying to figure out a way to use this troublesome word.”

“Should we try a little troubleshooting?”

“I’m too troubled to take the trouble. You see, there’s trouble afoot because of the deadline approaching. Plus, I was a bit of a troublemaker yesterday.”

“Well, now you’re in double trouble. What did you do to get into this deep trouble?”

“I caused trouble by questioning the Trifecta overlords. I told them there was trouble on the home front. And that it was so much trouble that I wasn’t sure I’d be submitting this week.”

“Well, there’s definitely trouble a-brewin’ now. Why’d you have to go and get yourself in trouble?”

“I know. I should never have made trouble. That’s the trouble with this whole thing.”

* * * * * * * * * *


18 responses to “Troubled over a Troublesome Troubler (From the Smartass Collection – for Trifecta)

  1. You may be in trouble, or be trouble, 😉 but you had no trouble at all putting together a winning entry for this weeks Trifecta!

  2. My nipples were burning, and now I know why. You were talking about me! I haven’t done Trifecta in a long time. She’s okay, but I’ve had better. She’s fun to do sometimes, but I just couldn’t handle everyone doing her. So I stopped doing her.

  3. That’s practically a tongue-twister! Made me laugh.

  4. I think you hit just about every variation and definition of ‘trouble.’ Well done!

  5. ohhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyy (points for reference)

    You and that Edward Hotspur are getting up to smart-assery. Love!

  6. lol. You’re right. This was a hard one. And I’m not even sure I got the definition right….

  7. Perfectly troublesome.

  8. You should drown your troubles in something with bubbles 😉

  9. Trouble is all over the place, how could you ever stay away from trouble. 🙂 This is a clever response ODNT. 🙂

  10. Well, I think that just about covers the word! I loved this (as usual) and I know that clicking on your links is always going to be good fun. Thanks for linking up and sorry for any trouble caused by the prompt this week.

  11. Hmmm… troubling to say the least. But it seems like you got out of trouble fast.

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