Purposefully Aimless (for 100 Word Song)

I’m having some trouble carving out time for myself and my writing (also known as the lifeline to my sanity) this summer. My kids are home, which is truly wonderful. I love them both to the point that I can sometimes feel it in my chest. That sounds like an expression, an exaggeration. It’s not.

And I am much more comfortable when I’m trying to make you laugh … by writing about Alec Baldwin, my dairy farm shenanigans or even “lady hair.” The trouble is that I’ve been in a bit of an introspective, contemplative state of mind lately. And that just isn’t funny.

But I’m trying.

Tonight, I opened my laptop … at a time when everyone else wasn’t asleep … and attempted a little writing. True. It’s no Woody Allen comedy but it’s something. (Woody Allen? Where did THAT come from?  I must be trying to impress you people because honestly I’ve only been exposed to a small portion of the man’s work. What I SHOULD have said was ‘it’s no Will Farrell comedy.’ Let’s call a spade a spade, shall we?)

I’m revisiting an old writing exercise called 100 Word Song. Entrants must offer 100 words “interpreting” the chosen song in any form (poetry, fiction, limericks, cartoons, etc.) This week’s song is Within Me by Lacuna Coil. No, I hadn’t heard of it either. They’re an Italian Goth rock band, which seems oxymoronic to me. Still, it helps to stretch your mind sometimes, right?

Bear with me, friends. I won’t be Eeyore forever.

* * * * * * * * * *

Purposefully Aimless

* * * * * * * * * *

She pulled a tattered notebook out of her backpack and began scribbling.

Life’s crawling and wasting my days

Never mind that it didn’t work out here. She was leaving. Today. Thumbing it straight through the night to Seattle. With at least two good friends there, she knew she could make a go of it. And she scribbled again.

Another night gone and I know there will be another way

Her poetry reflected her life like a mirror. And she often wondered where she would be if things had been different all those years ago.

I’m leading myself to be free

* * * * * * * * * *


11 responses to “Purposefully Aimless (for 100 Word Song)

  1. I love the last line. Wonderful!

  2. excellent

    we are coming from the same gray place aren’t we, right now?

    I like what’s “within you”. It’s great to read. well done.

  3. I like it. And I’m thinking that you don’t always have to be funny. Just true to yourself. I think you are.

  4. “Her poetry reflected her life like a mirror”. That line stands out for building your character. She seems very determined, and curious what happened all those years ago.

    I would love to see more of this one. Well written!

  5. Life is our grand mirror ODNT, each perspective we carry with us is a reflection of the world we create for ourselves. While I love the antics of the email delivered to the wrong door, and the dairy farmer who has named a cow after you, I also appreciate your human side. The part of you that you just let out, and trust us enough to give a moment of that part of you to the world around you. (looks around) I think it’s a phase a lot of us are hitting simultaneously… perhaps I need to check the stars 😉

  6. I’m leading myself to be free

    what a line!!!! I feel ya, sistah. Hang in there – the dark will open its drapes and set you free.

  7. We’re in this blog for better or worse, humor or solemn moods. Your honesty is taken with the respect it is given.

  8. Beautiful job with the prompt, I considered something similar! I like that there’s hopefulness at the end.

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