The ODNT Job Search – This One Would Be Magical!

When we last checked in with the ODNT Job Search, we were talking about very specialized housekeepers. The position looked great. It was part-time and the compensation was “expereinced.” (I’m not sure if that means the same thing as “experienced” but I’m confused either way.) Still, you guys have me convinced that I’m not qualified for this position. So I guess we’ll keep looking, right?

I found another job opportunity on Craig’s List this morning. I didn’t get a chance to read it in its entirety but it sounded interesting so I thought we could examine it together line by line and you could tell me what you think.

Here’s the ad.

20121013-105904.jpgFour female magician’s assistants needed for regular shows in private club.

  • Well, I’m a female so that’s a great start. Plus they want FOUR of us. So my chances are quadrupled. And I like the words “regular” and “private.” Sounds stable and fancy.

Four nights per week. (Thurs-Sun) Two shows per night. (45 minutes each)

  • Okay. So, that’s the “regular” they’re talking about. Cool. Consistency is good in a  job.

Must be 5’7″ to 5’11” tall (barefoot height) and tattoo free.

  • This sounds like a clear cut case of heightism to me. With a very straightened spine and slightly teased hair, I’m about 5’4″ in my bare feet so this could be a problem. On the plus side, I AM tattoo free. (I know. I just disappointed a number of you.)

Must have minimal costume limitations and finales for both shows will be performed at least topless.

  • “Minimal costume limitations” … okey-dokey. “Finales for both shows will be performed at least” … WHAT? I draw the line at being “at least topless” for BOTH shows. What’s the old expression … Always Leave Them Wanting More? I have to say no here. Where’s the showmanship in this act? Oh, and I’m not a stripper. So, there’s that, too.

All costuming supplied.

  • Now, that just doesn’t even make sense. Except that I guess that’s where the “at least” comes in. Plus, apparently, this “costuming” is worn until the finale. That’s when they send the kids out of the room.

Pays $2500 per week with possible 25-50% bonus. Six month contract minimum.

  • Now, why can’t this blogging gig pay that kind of cheese? And, yes, I sincerely meant cheese. Damn it.

Guess it’s back to the old drawing board, you guys.

* * * * * * * * * *


Email me at … before I’m forced to wear a Princess Leia bikini and be transformed into a White Bengal Tiger in Vegas.

MamaKat’s writing prompt: Write a blog post inspired by the word “magic.”


7 responses to “The ODNT Job Search – This One Would Be Magical!

  1. Yes to all of it. A”private club” had me suspicious from the get-go…but that’s because I live in WV where there are LOTS of “private clubs”. I’d love to see the costume. Is the magic part of the show making your clothes disappear? Oh. And I worried when the subject line was “Saw ME in half”. No thanks. I like my legs. 😉

  2. How awesome is that line “Must have minimal costume limitations”? And damn I never realized stripper magician’s assistants make such good cash! Curious to know what their health and dental is like?? 😉

  3. “Minimal costume requirements” that is hilarious. I’d keep looking, if I was you.

  4. Isnt “at least topless” and “costuming supplied” a bit of an oxymoron?

  5. Wow $2500 a week. Wow. At least topless. And at worst…..? I wonder what kind of magic requires a topless assistant. Or at least a topless one. And I’m dying to knoww hat comstuming limitations would be. I want to apply just so I can ask what that means.

  6. It sounds so legit. I mean all you have to do is send a picture of yourself head to toe, and reference “Saw me in half.” Wonder if they offer a 401K? I’m also guessing the costume consist of band-aids. So there’s that too.

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