Ketchup With Us #14

ME: Anyone remember a post I wrote a while back called Will the Real ODNT Please Stand Up?

YOU: Nope.

ME: Sure you do. It was a good one about how I looked just like another lady blogger.

YOU: (not even looking up from the book you’re reading, just shaking your head) Sorry. Don’t remember it.

ME: Aw, come on. The picture was in black and white? I even recreated it.

YOU: (sipping your coffee nonchalantly, you’ve actually taken another call at this point and are laughing at me with the person on the other end of the phone)

ME: (hysterically) ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDING ME? DO YOU EVEN READ ODNT? (pulling out hair) Why do I try? Why, oh why, do I …

MEL/According to Mags: (ahem) Michele, you seem to have gotten off track, honey. Here. (smoothing hair) Why don’t you sit down and have a sip of your milk while I do the talking, okay? (turning away from the crazy) Hey, guys. This week’s prompt is pretty simple. Who’s your doppelgänger? Your twin? Your carbon copy? We want to know. To get you started, I’ve written one here for Michele. And she wrote one for me over at According to Mags. We’re interchangeable like that. (leaves room singing a familiar tune to herself) “But they’re bloggers, identical bloggers all the way … “

Michele’s Doppelgänger by Mel

The make-up applied just so. The hair braided, beaded and bedazzled to a tee. A signature hat that screams to a culture club. Of course, she added her own flair and style, but still unmistakable. This girl will tumble for ya and is a total chameleon. She has done Boy George proud. Her doppelganger he will be.

Her inspiration?

Uncanny, yes?


For a quick explanation of this link-up, click here. In short, Mel and I will post a picture or video with a writing prompt on the 1st and 15th of every month. You can write your entry in any form. We love creativity. And, with each prompt, we’ll feature a writer from the previous link-up. Which reminds me …

Our esteemed Ketchup With Us Featured Writer for today is …


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The Rules of Play

  1. Submit your entry using the linky at the bottom of our KWU posts.
  2. Follow us on Facebook (Michele /Mel).
  3. Follow us on Twitter (Michele/Mel) & tweet us your entry using the hashtag #KetchupWithUs.

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‘KETCHUP WITH US’ – Prompt #14

In 57 words or less, tell us about your doppelgänger.




20 responses to “Ketchup With Us #14

  1. I love how you linked to those past posts. But I really liked how I was the sane one…this time. 🙂

    And that doppelgänger…SPOT ON!

  2. Oh my! This had me laughing! Boy George… Now Im going to be singing karma chameleon all day!!! Thank you so much for this honor. I know who Im picking. It will post at noon!

  3. Hee!! Do you really want to hurt me?? I wonder?
    I love it, plus you made a great George. WAYYYYYYY CUTER too.

    I can’t wait to do this, I have mine picked..getting my hair cut later and will have it up this weekend. FUN!


  4. So much is clear now…

  5. There have been several through the years, I will try and list them 😉


  7. This is sooooooooo cute! I am happy this is the one Mel chose. Feels like getting to know you better 😉 I want to be friends with a girl like that!!!

  8. Time just won’t let me be your karma chameleon and I know you don’t wanna hurt me so I’ll just say, whatever, Michele.

    funny pictures

  9. Haha- so funny!! Boy George- bringing me back to the day!

  10. Thanks, Melissa. Why don’t YOU come play Ketchup with us this time? I’d love to see what you look like. 🙂

  11. welcometograndcentral

    What I find incredulous is that you dressed like him/that seemingly on purpose! It’s spot on!

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