“Moms Depend on Kool-Aid like Kids Depend on Moms”

HER: Gosh, it’s hot out today. And I’m sooooo thirsty.

ME: Me, too. Plus my hair is sooooo boring and unimaginative. This is a job for Kool-Aid!


What if I told you that you could jazz up your hair for only fifty cents this summer? Spend a dollar, Mr. Rockefeller, and you’ll get even richer color. Perhaps you’ve already heard of this trendy revolution … but have you tried it? We did. Just last week. Check it out.


She went for Tropical Punch and I went Cherry. And they both smelled delicious!

It’s super easy. Instructions per head. Multiply accordingly.

  1. Boil water. (I measured nothing.)
  2. Put hair in pigtails.
  3. Pour hot water into 2 plastic (non-melty, 16-ish oz.) cups.
  4. Dissolve 1-2 envelopes (0.15-ish oz. size, unsweetened so your head doesn’t attract ants) into each cup.
  5. Submerge one pigtail into each cup and sit motionless for 30 minutes.

Oh, yeah. And I probably should have already suggested you have a book or your phone handy to keep yourself occupied for that half hour. When you’re done, rinse each pigtail with cold water until it runs clear(ish) then dry your hair with a dark towel. The result? Fun, shiny red hair … with no chemicals! Except for FD&C Red 40.

FD&C Red 40.

BAD for your body. RAD for your hair.

(I submitted my slogan idea to the company’s fat cats. Fingers crossed.)

How long will the color last? I don’t know. What am I … a scientist? I just put Kool-Aid in my hair. How smart can I really be? My guess is .. it’s different for everyone. So don’t Kool-Aid dip your hair unless you’re willing to cut that portion of it off, dye it back or just wait it out. Me? I’m going for the third. I might even do it again this summer.

But next time, I’m going for Blue Raspberry. Ooh, or Grape.


11 responses to ““Moms Depend on Kool-Aid like Kids Depend on Moms”

  1. it looks GREAT (and I bet it smells delicious too) (the Blue Raspberry would be funky too!)

    alas my hair is much too short to do the” Kool Aid Ombre”, but you and Viv…are ROCKIN it.

  2. Stephanie @smtimmons

    So cool! My hair is way too dark to try it! Plus I’m pretty sure my employer wouldn’t appreciate the art. 🙂

  3. I didn’t even think about Kool-Aid! I had purple extensions in and Ry wanted blue. This sounds like way more fun. Plus, the look on my mil’s face will be priceless!

  4. Mags just said, “Look at those beautiful girls…when can we do that?” 🙂 I think my hair is too dark for the grape to show up, but maybe the pink, blue or green. Hmmm….

    P.S. I totally thought you were a scientist. Darn.

  5. Looks great. I remember reading about this phenomenon back in 1992 when I move my brother to Binghamton, NY. (It was all the rage in the lower tier.) It’s good to see it back with a new twist. Just keep a good eye on any pets you might have. One day they might turn up blue! 🙂

  6. So, seeing as I’m rather bald, will this whole exercise simply serve to make me look like a middle-aged Carrie afterwards? Not that I’m opposed, I would just like to know in advance.

  7. We use blue raspberry on our cat (one of those weird cats that likes water).. He’s usually all white, so seeing a blue cat laying in the yard is pretty cool 🙂
    Oh, found you through “prowess and pearls” link up..

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