Happy Cinco de …. Well, you’ll see

I have not one drop of Mexican blood in me. But I have been there four times in my lifetime. And the fact that they put queso (that means cheese, gringos) on everything is just ducky with me. And I do love a good, salty margarita. Oooh, and guacamole. (drool)

So my family will be celebrating Cinco de Milo tonight with a traditional Mexican feast. I’ll be cooking for mi esposo, mis niños, Abuela, Abuelo and, of course, Señor Milo. (Don’t be impressed. I used a translator for ALL of that.)

Of course, we like to customize our celebration. But just a little …


Need some ideas for your fiesta? I just wrote a little article on that very subject with my friend, Mel. Read it here.

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