SEVEN Movies I Want to Buy for Myself

Yesterday was all about movies I love so much I just had to own them. Of course, I haven’t even begun to finish collecting my favorites titles yet. So since yesterday’s list was about seven movies I already own, I decided to make today’s about the same number that I still need to buy. Think my family will remember them in December?


1. About a Boy

2. Bridget Jones I (Don’t play this clip with the kids.)

3. Bridget Jones II

4. Chocolat

5. Man on the Moon

6. Sling Blade

7. What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?

What about you?

What movies are on your holiday/birthday/Arbor Day list?


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3 responses to “SEVEN Movies I Want to Buy for Myself

  1. I liked both of your lists. Choice in movies tells us a lot about people doesn’t it?
    The Bridget Jones’ movies are great. I loved both of them…along with the books. Classic English humor.

    hmm, my 7 movies I loved so I bought them? > The Thomas Crown Affair (with my other husband Pierce), The Mirror Has Two Faces, Dreamgirls (Wow Jennifer Hudson), A Chorus Line (vintage Michael Douglas and “I hope I get it!”), Love Actually( I love me so Hugh Grant too), EVERY SINGLE HARRY POTTER movie and The Breakfast Club..I’ve owned it on VHS, DVD and now Blu-Ray. (ST Elmo’s Fire too…classic brat pack never gets old)

    and right now I want to own Silver Linings Playbook, Skyfall, 500 Days of Summer and maybe Pretty in Pink (how can I not own this? I love Andrew McCarthy)

  2. I have to admit, Bridget Jones is one of those guilty pleasures for me. Hubby hates it, but he dislikes all things British. I own Chocolat and the only thing it lacks is MORE Johnny!!!!! (Oy that man).

  3. Chocolate and Jaws! A-MA-ZING! Oh! And The Conjuring! Totally up there. 😛 xo

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