Deliver Us From Evil – I’m scared just typing it. (Plus a contest!)


Deliver us from evil.

Until today, I thought only of those four little words as the closing to a comforting and familiar prayer I’ve known since childhood. After today, they will also forever be associated with this terrifying account of demonic possession the likes of which I can barely watch on my computer monitor. Opening in theaters today, Deliver Us From Evil is described as “an intense dramatization of actual events, following New York police detective Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana) as he tries to solve a series of bizarre crimes. He turns to an unconventional priest (Edgar Ramirez) for help when it becomes clear the evil he is fighting is more spiritual than earthly.”

(shivering and fleeing to safe spot in back of closet for the rest of this post)

I plan to bring a vial of holy water with me to the theater.

And a crucifix.


Thanks to our friends at Grace Hill Media, Mel and I are giving away prize packs to TWO lucky winners. Each pack contains the following items:

A copy of Officer Sarchie’s book Deliver Us From Evil (formerly Beware the Night, description found here) AND a Deliver Us From Evil t-shirt


See that smiling idiot? She actually thinks she’ll be able to SLEEP in that shirt tonight. Of course, she’ll probably wake up levitating over her bed while blood trickles down the walls of her room.

Don’t do it, fool!

Want to win a Deliver Us From Evil Prize Pack?

Click HERE to Enter!

The contest ends on Wednesday, July 9, 2014.

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6 responses to “Deliver Us From Evil – I’m scared just typing it. (Plus a contest!)

  1. CLOSE YOUR EYES!! CLOSE YOUR EYES! Just sprinkle some holy water on the shirt and you should be good. That…or give it to Dave. (Shhhh! Don’t tell him I said that.)

  2. I love scary movies and I am a librarian, thus I love books…I wanna win!!!

  3. Have I had a supernatural experience? Problaby not, but I will tell you about this one time that I was in a house with my friends and they said that the house was haunted. With my own eyes I saw the telephone receiver lift up off of the cradle and move to the table. It was pretty freaky. We also went on a tour of the house and when we reached the upstairs room, where they claimed nobody went into, there was a baby bottle on the floor. The bottle had about 2 ounces of formula in it. My friends said that nobody ever went in there, so she could not explain how her baby’s bottle was in that room. Another thing I remember is that it was freezing cold in that room, but not in the other rooms of the house.

  4. I’ve had my own close encounters with unexplained events since I was little, so there is NO WAY I am watching this movie. (Unless I feel the need to not sleep for months.) You are a brave soul. I’m not even going to click on your link of the trailer. Nope, not gonna do it. I do agree with Mel about the shirt though. A little bit of holy water and you should be good to go…or… if you’re like me, I would be opting for #2. If hubby survives then it’s a safe bet that you’ll be fine.

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