Ever Ingested 100 Things in One Day? I have.

Summer is almost here. I can see it, smell it, feel it. Remember I live just 2,000 miles from the equator. The humidity here is visible to the naked eye. So I’ve started thinking about shorts, summer dresses and (shudder) bathing suits. I really need to get in shape. And I need start taking better care of myself.

(rolling eyes at self … which is harder to do than you would think)

I say that every year. And every year I do it. Kinda. Because I diet. I cut calories. I cut fat. But inevitably, I wind up binging on too many 100-calorie packs of junk food and other novelty fat-free snacks. And missing out on nutritious things like fruit and vegetables because I don’t want to “waste” my limited calories. Which means I’m shortchanging myself from valuable vitamins and nutrients in search of lower numbers on the scales (hanging head) I know better. Shame on me. How can you even LOOK at me right now?!!?

Enter Vivia Formula’s VF-360 defense system*

The quirky little video below explains it all rather well. But I should add that, although the man’s name in the video is Dave and he has an orange cat, this initially-vitamin-deficient dude has nothing to do with my husband. Or my orange cat, Milo.

Um … is it just me or did Dave get lucky at the end of this video?

I was totally jazzed when Vivia selected me to review their product. It’s just what I need to jumpstart my health movement and know I’m covered nutritionally. Like it said in the video (the video that I know you watched and didn’t just skip, right?), the complete system comes in three bottles:

  1. The morning supplement gets you moving with countless traditional vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, D3, E, B2, B6 and B12 as well as calcium, magnesium, zinc, potassium, etc.
  2. The noon supplement keeps you going with a wealth of earthy nutrients including acai berry, goji berry, blueberry leaf, lemongrass root, ginger root, shitake mushroom powder, etc.
  3. The night supplement helps you wind down with valuable and often neglected superfoods such as spirulina algae powder, green tea leaf extract, dandelion root, pomegranate fruit extract, etc.

All in all, I counted nearly 100 different vitamins and minerals in the four-day course.


Do YOU have time to seek out a centuplicate of DIFFERENT nutrients every day?

Well, of course you don’t. Because you’re a normal person, right? So just do what I did. Get everything you need every day in three bottles. I’ve taken Vivia VF-360 dietary supplements religiously for two weeks now. I’m a regular vitamin taker anyway so trying this system was an easy decision for me. And I love them because they take all the label comparison and guesswork out of the equation.

Here are just a few of the things Vivia has kept me from having to worry about for the past 14 days:

  • how much of each vitamin I’m getting versus the RDA (recommended daily allowance)
  • what time of day is optimum for each nutrient
  • what nutrients should be taken together for maximum absorption
  • skipping breakfast

Confession: I skip breakfast. A little. Well … a LOT. Fine … almost every day. (Geez, stop needling me!) But … by signing on with Vivia, it has “regimented” me into having a small, healthful breakfast every single day now for 14 days. Sure, that’s an indirect benefit but, for me personally, it’s huge!

But enough about me. The only person who enjoys reading about that is my mom. (Hey,  Mom. Did you catch Grey’s Anatomy last night?) Interested in trying the system for yourself.  I’ll give you TWO ways:

1. Purchase at a discount. Visit viviaformula.com and enter 360B2G1F at checkout for FREE merchandise … as in BUY TWO PACKS and GET THE THIRD FREE.


2. CLICK HERE TO WIN until Thursday, April 30, 2015. There are lots of ways to score entries, some daily. And tell your friends! (Unless you don’t want them to win. Which is pretty unsportsmanlike if you ask me).

 Good luck, everyone!

* Made in the USA in an FDA-approved cGMP facility


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