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Accidentally Nostalgic (for 100 Word Song)

I’m trying out a new writing challenge hosted by a friend who maintains a residence at My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. His project is a little (read: a lot) different than the others I’ve participated in so far. Basically, a song is selected each week and entrants must offer 100 words (exactly) that are tied to the inspiration of the song. Entries can be submitted in any form – poetry, limericks, signs, cartoons, essays, fictions, real life scenarios, embarrassing stories or whatever inspires you.

This week’s song is Of Lillies and Remains by Bauhaus. If you assumed that I had never heard it before, you assumed correctly.  This unfamiliarity added to the level of difficulty for me. But I guess I shouldn’t expect them to be picking show tunes for this stuff.

So, for this first stab at it, I’m going with non-fiction. Lance, you’re more than welcome to lock the doors on me next week. My entry is nothing like the poetry and other mysterious allegory to which I think you are accustomed. “Enjoy.”

Accidentally Nostalgic

This challenge intrigues me but, after reading ALL of the other entries, I’m concerned. Concerned that maybe I don’t have the imagination exhibited by the others here. When I listen to this song, it takes me back to my very young adulthood. When I was dating the man I would one day marry. We saw a movie entitled So I Married an Axe Murderer. I still own the CD. Lots of great music in this film. And, for whatever reason, your song reminded me of the one below. Thanks for bringing back this nice little memory. (Hey, I did it.)