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Allow me to introduce my friend, DJ Paris.

Who here knows DJ Paris? If you don’t, you should. Not everyone writing humor blogs on the internet is actually funny. I’m not even sure that I make more than three people laugh anymore. (Thanks, Mel, Vanessa and Mom.) But this dude is funny. And actually very tall and Nordic-looking. I just met him at the women’s conference I attended in Chicago last week. He was one of the SIX MEN there with SIX THOUSAND WOMEN. (Yes, that puts him in the 0.1-th percentile. And yes, I needed a calculator for that kind of math.)

Mel and I had communicated with him electronically lots of times prior to finally meeting him in Chicago. And he was, as expected, every bit as nice and funny in person. And thus I am pointing you in his direction (OMG! He’s standing RIGHT BEHIND YOU!) for two reasons:

  1. He’s funny and you won’t be wasting your time reading his stuff.
  2. He interviewed me recently for his podcast entitled ‘Bloggers Are Weird.’ (Hey! Wait a minute … So help me, if I weren’t so busy making a footed rain slicker for the cat … )

So if you want to hear DJ’s honed interviewing skills and my attempt at speaking S-L-O-W-L-Y and with ar-tic-u-LA-tion, click here to be transported to ThoughtsFromParis.com. Thanks, DJ. Whenever I hear your name, I will now think of your face first instead of child stars from Roseanne or Full House.


As a guy, he garnered lots of attention at the women’s conference.

Next year, I’m wearing a chicken costume in a light-up snorkel mask. And I’m  entering on a Himalayan camel.

Game on, Mr. Paris.