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Having a little wine in preparation of Round Two

I just got back from ‘Merlot & Mammograms’ at a local winery/restaurant in town. An event benefitting a very worthy cause but unfortunately saddled with a very pitiful name. I invited my friend, Kelley, to come with me and the first thing she said was that it should have been named ‘Boobs & Booze.”  I like hers better, don’t you?  (I’m accepting suggestions for the winery for next year so feel free to comment below.)

I met  Melissa (remember her from consultation five?) and her husband and two of their other friends there.  There was wine and there was cheese so I was good. Very, very good.   Some of the bottles were handpicked and labeled with pink ribbons to indicate that their purchase would benefit the cause. There were also door prizes and raffles.  Melissa and I snickered at the requirement stating that you ‘Must be present to win and must be able to respond to name.’

How much wine did they think we’d be drinking???

It was a fun night … a very easy way to support Breast Cancer Awareness … but now I need to get some sleep. For everyone who has been keeping up, we’ve just entered round two and your votes have been tabulated (from 10/12/11).  Doctors 4 & 5 have advanced to this round.

A follow-up appointment is scheduled with Doctor 5 for tomorrow morning.  And my husband is going.  The voice of reason.  The grounded voice of reason.  The ridiculously grounded voice of reason.  The cautious, ridiculously grounded voice of reason.  You get where I’m going with this line of thought, right?

Anyway, he’ll be there to join me tomorrow, while some other man “handles” me and explains what has to be “fixed.”  I’m thinking that’s got to be weird for a guy.  It’s going to be a very different experience than the girl talk of the previous appointments. And I’ll be putting him through it again with Doctor 4.  My mom is even coming to that one.

It takes a village.

Wish me luck. I expect these next two appointments to be very telling.