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Someone Throw Me a Life Preserver … and a Hairbrush!

Fastest blog post ever. Readyyyyyyyyy …… Go!

Okay. Remember those days when you knew you could count on a daily post here at ODNT? Yeah. Me, too. It seems lately that too many things get in the way of writing … which, for me, can also be called therapy. And skipping therapy is bad, right? Your head begins to fall apart and you start missing appointments and losing stuff like car keys, money and, you know, your kids. All over the place.

Which is why I’m phoning it in today.

I don’t even have time to dry my hair for the next few days but I’m making time to write today. And since I’ve often threatened minutia, I’m delivering on that promise today. The next four days are very busy around here. Dave’s working out of town and the kids’ activities seem to have come together to create a perfect storm of insanity in this household. Here’s a glimpse of what we’ve got going on around here as soon as school lets out today.

  • Math Tutoring (at the library where we will be changing clothes & eating dinner tonight)
  • Dean’s 7th grade play (multiple performances and before/after activities)
  • Quiz Bowl practice (it’s early, as in before school … not my strength)
  • School book fair (where I’ll be working as a volunteer – anyone need a glittery, scented eraser shaped like an ice cream cone?)
  • City Park Family Night School Fundraiser (Someone PLEASE remind me to buy tickets!)
  • Quiz Bowl Tournament (It ends either at noon or 3pm … depending on how the morning goes.)
  • Dean’s Graduation Portrait Session (I have NO IDEA what the boy is even wearing at this point. Or if we even own anything that fits, isn’t stained, is appropriate.)
  • Sleepover party for Vivien’s school friend (Thanks, Jodi, for being so flexible with me.)
  • Parents-only event at Dean’s high school for the fall (Remind me to bring tissues!)
  • Play practice for Vivien (and possibly me) (Gulp!)
  • Movie party for Dean’s friend/my godchild (Who here thinks Viv will have nightmares if she sees Jurassic Park in 3D? Because she just might be going. Sigh)

Of course, there’s also homework, eating, showering, sleeping, feeding the cat and trying to look at least sort of put together this weekend.


Will this work?

I promise loftier posts in the future. I have plans. BIG plans. Until then, feel free to tweet, text, call, poke or throw a shoe at me to make sure I’m awake, dressed and showing up to all of these places on time this weekend!

* * * * * * * * * *

Oh, and if you haven’t linked up with Ketchup yet, please do. I don’t have time to promote it properly this go-round. (Sorry, Mel.) And it’s a good one. Thanks, all.