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EXTREME MAKEOVER EDITION of my ‘Back to School ABCs’ Post

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Remember The Back to School ABCs I posted a few days ago? Well, I just did a little something creative with it … thanks to the good people at the Britely company. (Shameless plug.) It’s a cool way to add some color to my otherwise monochromatic (meaning GREEN!) posts. Yes, I know my blog needs a new look … or at least a little renovating here and there. Anyone want to go curtain and tile shopping with me? I’ll drive. This place is a mess.

Anyway, please take a look. This whole Brite bookmaking process was a lot of fun. And my post is now much more visually appealing and concise. … I know. You don’t believe me at all. Me? Concise? … You’ll see. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW TO SEE THE EXTREME MAKEOVER. Right now. What the hell else are you doing? Do it for me. And because … because … it will help save the planet!

What do you mean what do I mean? I AM being serious. …. Fine. You really need me to explain HOW? … Well … because if you’re reading my BRITE … then you’re NOT reading a book or a magazine … that are both made of PAPER … which comes from what? Duh. TREES! … So, the Earth? She is saved. And it’s ALL because you read my Brite. That’s all you have to do.

See. I knew I could get us there. Enjoy!