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The TEN People I’ve Actually Heard Of Who Share My Birthday

Yep. Today is my birthday. Which means I actually wrote this post a few days ago in anticipation of how busy I’d be taking calls and accepting telegrams and flowers all day long on June 11. (Telegrams?!!? How the hell old AM I?)

Anyway, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at all the celebs and famous names who share my big day with me. As with every other day of the year, there are a ton of people born that day. However, there are very few that I’ve actually heard of. And thus, a much shorter version of my original list was born entitled …


… plus (bonus!) one word I associate with each of them.

  1. Adrienne BarbeauMaude
  2. Christina Crawford – hangers
  3. Jacques Cousteau – fish
  4. Peter DinklageElf
  5. Hugh Laurie – House
  6. Vince Lombardi – trophy
  7. Shia LeBeouf – punk
  8. Joe Montana – football
  9. Richard Strauss – music
  10. Gene Wilder – Frankenstein


Geez. Not a big day for famous baby birthing. Then again, Labor Day has never really been much of a romantic holiday. (To those of you scratching your heads, do the math.)


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