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10 Reasons I Like It When My Grandson Spends the Night (Guest Post by Gigi)

Time’s running out to be included in our final Blog Posts by Number entry on June 30. It’s a been a fun month full of “Six Things You Can Do With an Old Bra Cup” and “Nine Reasons Men Are Like Cheetos.” No, those are not real posts, but they do sound fun, don’t they? Mel and I (plus a whole mess of other bloggers) have been writing numbered posts all month. Scroll back through June to check them out. And get yourself included on our list of participants by writing just one (or more!) numbered post this month then letting us know about it. You’ll be guaranteed retirement within two yearsfame and glory the likes of which you could not imagine … our undying gratitude and camaraderie.

And who can put a price on that really?

Oh, wait. The post! My mom is guest posting today. She’s better at this than I am anyway. And yes. She’ll have another one just like it for you tomorrow. Well, you’ll understand better when you read it. So, without further ado, I give you …


1. I love him.

2. We watch sports and quiz shows together.

3. We chat about many topics before going to sleep. Most recently, Alzheimer’s.

4. We always have a late night snack.

5. I’m amused about how long he takes to brush his teeth.

6. He sleeps as late as I do.

7. He still enjoys hearing stories that I tell – a nightly pastime that started when he was two. Of course, the topics and themes have developed a bit.

8. He REALLY enjoys a fried Spam and egg brunch with his grandfather.

9. The lawn and garden look better when he leaves.

10. I miss him when he’s not here.


June is Blog Post by Numbers Month. Wanna play with Mel and me? Just write a “listy-type” post with a number in the title (ex. FOUR Reasons I Love Mayonnaise, SIX Things You Can Do With A Paper Clip). Then link back to us and tweet us about it so we can include you on June 30th in our final list: (Number-Yet-To-Be-Determined) Great Bloggers Who Played the Blog Post by Numbers Game!

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