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Who Wants to See a Movie on Me?

Last Spring, I wrote a post entitled Four Indisputable Signs that My House is Haunted. Sure, it was written in jest. Well, mostly. I mean … even if a ghost did steal my toilet eraser back then, I’m not scared of him. Clearly, he is an apparition who cares that his mistakes be corrected. He wants to put his best (translucent) foot forward. How spooky can he be really?

Of course, not all ghostly experiences are quite so PG-rated. I’m from New Orleans which has often been dubbed The Most Haunted City in America. (America. Because, apparently, there are way scarier cities in Antarctica. Whatever, ghost raters.) Do I believe in this stuff? Well, frankly, I think there have been far too many cases of paranormal activity to dismiss them completely. Plus, it really pisses the ghosts off when you say you don’t believe in them. They’re not like fairies. They don’t die in these situations. They just get stronger and then they latch themselves onto YOUR VERY SOUL!

Which reminds me … there’s a movie opening on July 19th called The Conjuring. And, before you even watch the trailer, allow me to tell you that it chronicles a true story as experienced by pioneer ghost hunters, Ed & Lorraine Warren, in the 1970s.

Dude, I was alive in the 70s. I’m already scared of out my mind!

Why am I writing about this movie? Well, because Mel and I plan to see it together in Chicago. We’re attending an online writer’s conference there called BlogHer ’13. We both went last year in NYC and had a blast. But we’re not the only ones who will be peeing their pants this summer at the movie theater.


All you have to do is click the fancy pants Rafflecopter Giveaway link (below) and enter your information. We’ll be awarding up to four pairs of tickets which can be used at any theater (with the exception of AMC*) for the duration of the film’s run. Entries will be accepted until Sunday, July 21 at midnight EST.

Thanks to Grace Hill Media for providing the tickets.

* * * * * * * *

Click HERE to win.

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Good luck, moviegoers!!

* Don’t fret, my fellow New Orleanians. Apparently, Canal Place Theatres are not AMC-affiliated. So, if you win, you can see it there. And be sure to get a cheese plate. It’s so good that songs should be written about it.