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SEVEN Movies I Just Had to Own

They’re not necessarily Oscar winners. Nor are they million dollar blockbusters. There might even be titles you’ve never heard of before. Still, they’re some of my favorite movies from over the years. They’ve  all touched me … or tickled me … or just reached me in some way to the point that I felt compelled to buy them so that I could view them any time and as many times as I wanted.

I should point out that I purchase movies for myself very infrequently. Sure, we have a decent film library in our home but more than 95% of these titles belong to my children. The movies I’m talking about today are just for me. You can tell a lot about a person from his or her movie preferences. Which is why I’m nervous as hell about sharing mine. (Deep breath) Okay, on the count of three …

One …


Two ….


 … oh, whatever. Here they are!


1. Benny & Joon

2. Bowfinger

3. Down With Love

4. The Full Monty

5. Moulin Rouge

6. My Life

7. Sliding Doors

Do I still have a few titles I want to pick up? Yes, of course. There are actually several that come to mind immediately. I’ll try to get that together for tomorrow’s post. Until then, what about YOU?

What movies do you love so much that you just had to own them?


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