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What if I told you we were talking about towel wraps today?

A few weeks ago I found myself floundering in a power outage during the aftermath of Hurricane Isaac. The kids and I had packed up a few essentials and relocated to my brother’s place to take advantage of the modern comforts of life such as light, air conditioning and, of course, internet service. It was there that I received an email from my new friends at Posy Lane. They specialize in kids backpacks and nap mats, among other things. And they wanted to know if I’d review one of their products. After perusing their online catalog, I happily obliged. They invited me to select a backpack, tote bag or towel wrap. And even offered to monogram it for me.

These people are awesome. They’re friendly, helpful and they respond to your emails … right away. (Take that, dill weeds at AMC!) I had a very pleasant exchange with my Posy Lane friends as they navigated me through everything. And my wrap came almost immediately. Check out the monogramming I selected.



I opted for the minky fabric. The upside to that choice? It’s brighter in color and softer to the touch. Plus, it’s lighter in weight because it doesn’t absorb much water. If you want absorption, choose a cotton wrap. Me? I’m only concerned about being comfortable and, of course, looking good after a shower.

And, because I’m so good at it, I’d love to be able to find something here to nitpick about …but I honestly can’t. The wrap is very well made and the monogramming is perfect. So it’s pretty, comfortable and durable. I even considered photographing myself in it for this post but then decided against it. My inner voice said, “Remember, Michele, we are trying to SELL these things. For the love of Henry, DON’T do that to your readers. They could be EATING right now!”

(My inner voice is an insecure prude.)

Truly, the only issue I had with the towel wrap involved a user error … meaning that I (and not Posy Lane) was the problem. So, here’s my one added pearl of wisdom: Pay attention to any sizing information provided in the online catalog. They offer child, tween, petite, adult and plus. My style of choice wasn’t available in petite. So I ordered the “adult” which categorized itself as fitting sizes 8-14 … because I really wanted it.

Those of you who know me know I am a shrimp. A shrimp with no boobs. (Yes. I know. My blog name IS ironic. Read here.) So … if I had to do it over again … I would select a style that was available in boobless shrimp sizes. Just to help keep its pretty, comfortable and durable awesomeness in place.

* * * * * * * * * *

Oh, and one more thing. I’ve got a COUPON CODE! The good people at Posy Lane have created a special code just for ODNT readers. The first 25 people who place an order for $25 or more (before October 25, 2012)  will receive $10 off by using this code:


* * * * * * * * * *

But I should probably add that the above number should read “24” because I’ve already placed the first order!

Happy Birthday, Mom!