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Ketchup With Us #13

Picture it. Two women loose in New York City. All family worries and concerns left back at home. And a whole day to soak in the culture, the museums, the live performances, the cuisine. What did they do? WHAT. DID. THEY. DO?

Remember the scene in Pretty Woman where Vivian (Julia) goes into the Rodeo Drive boutique and has her five-feet-off-the-ground butt served to her on a platter by a bunch of bitchy sales women? Yeah? Well, that’s pretty much what I expected when Mel and I walked into Prada on Fifth Avenue. Oh, wait. Did I forget to mention that Mel was wearing a giant ketchup costume?

Sure. I was a little puffed up when we walked in, waiting for them to call security as soon as they saw us. But instead … these people were AWESOME. It shocked the hell out of me. And it just goes to show that you don’t really know someone until you walk a mile in their shoes.

Which brings us to today’s prompt. Given the choice, whose shoes would you like to walk in for a day? Mine’s easy. I was going for sloth chic.

* * * * * * * * * *

I could sleep. All freakin’ day.

I could yell for food and get it. Immediately. No manners needed.

I could have people lined up to give me back rubs.

I could jump six times my height into the air.

If you piss me off, I could bite you. Viciously. And we’d be friends again in 15 minutes.


* * * * * * * * * *

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‘KETCHUP WITH US’ – Prompt #13

In 57 words or less, tell us about whose shoes you’d like to walk in for a day.