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The Griswolds are Hitting the Road Again. The Destination? San Francisco.

Dear ODNT-ville,

This post is short and sweet.

My family is headed to San Francisco and I was thinking of keeping a little online journal here for posterity and, if I play my cards right, your enjoyment.

(1) Wanna follow along?

(2) Have any travel tips, advice, recommendations, complimentary passes, or traveler’s checks you want to share with me?

(3) Promise not to rob my house or be any part of such villainy while I’m gone? It’s tacky, it’s in bad form and it’s entirely possible you’ll get mauled by the bloodthirsty biker gang I have housesitting for me.


Or at least by Milo

If you agree to these terms, please ‘like’ or comment below. I’ll be as “consistent” with my journaling as possible.

Wish me luck,