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Yessum, I’s from the Deep South … Y’all.

Today = bathing suit shoppinggoing to the first day of school naked … stepping out of my comfort zone. Why? Because I’m trying something different here. Something challenging.

“What?” you ask, feigning interest to be polite because your mama raised you right.

I’m supposed to create a video answering a handful of questions about expressions and pronunciations in my part of the world/neighborhood/holler … and be entertaining doing it.

(panic … clammy palms … nervous laughter)

My friend, Mel, passed this opportunity along to me and my initial thought was “No way!” (Actually, there was, in fact, a third word in the middle of those two but I strive to keep this site rated PG-13 so, for now, we’ll pretend I said follicular.) Mel made a great little video blog (or VLOG in crippling online nerdspeak) for the challenge which is brought to you by Kelley’s Break Room, by the way. But, after watching Mel’s video as well as Kelley’s, I was inspired. I was courageous. And I thought WHAT THE FOLLICULAR! So I just pulled the trigger.

Anyway, here goes nothing. God, I hope you don’t hate my recorded voice as much as I do. “Enjoy!”


What about YOU?

Know a weird expression from your neck of the woods?