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In honor of yesterday’s unlikely duos – Christmas & our Sanitation Department

My girl made this colorful card this afternoon. Then, she attached the candy canes. Now, I’m getting ready to go hang it right above the trash cans on the telephone pole in front of our house. It’s been a tradition in the ODNT household since my oldest learned to operate a crayon. And there’s always been candy involved. What is a present really without candy?

And we always get a booming ‘HONK’ from the truck’s driver, which is especially meaningful when our house falls later on their route so my kids can actually hear their appreciation. (Plus we’ve ticked off our neighbors in years past when our ‘thank you’ blast comes at 6am.)


Oh, and if trash man tidings don’t get you in the holiday spirit, maybe this will. I accidentally found this clip on youtube today. I love it. Mostly because it supports today’s theme, combining yet another two things that are as unlikely as yesterday’s bacon and chocolate. Plus I still love this guy … even when he’s doing his Bing Crosby impression. Enjoy!