Doctor recommendations … or otherwise?

I cannot believe that I’ve literally obligated myself to making (and keeping!) doctor’s appointments. Of my own volition. They are easily one of my LEAST favorite things in the world.

(Insert your favorite ‘explevatory’ word here.)

I may as well have promised to pack everyone’s suitcases, balance all of your checkbooks and eat my weight in coconut. For a year. (These are all things that I HATE … in case that wasn’t perfectly clear.) But I think I need to get over myself and move forward.

Umm, right?

So, I’ve been given a few name recommendations already but … I’m wondering … are there any more? Does anyone want to recommend a doctor? Or strongly NOT recommend one? If you have any thoughts on the subject, please message me or comment here … so others can add their two cents.

I live in New Orleans and have no intention of traveling too far for these interviewing sessions. I’m pretty nervous about even making these appointments so I certainly don’t need lengthy commutes serving as a further obstacle in addition to what I’ve identified as either my crippling fears or remarkably debilitating laziness.

It’s JUST INTERVIEWS at this point anyway, right?

And I’ll have a wonderful girlfriend by my side every time.



4 responses to “Doctor recommendations … or otherwise?

  1. Dr. Elliot Black and his daughter Dr. Summer Black. They did mine, and I have recommended them to a few friends who have been as thrilled with them as I am. I rarely give recommendations, but I feel very strongly about how great these two doctors are. Their office is at East Jefferson Hospital.

  2. Thanks, Anne. That’s actually the third time I’ve heard those names … so they’re definitely on my short list.

  3. Summer Black did a friend of mine’s and they’re great. She finished med school with my hubby and he swears she’s really bright. If I were to do it, she’d be my first choice.

  4. Late post and somewhat off topic…I like coconut!

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