If Nerds could be Superheroes …

Since I launched this project a little over a month ago, I have been struggling with using the words ‘blog’ and ‘blogger’ in my everyday conversations.  They just yell “Nerd!” to me on so many levels.  Maybe it’s my repressed feelings from years of childhood guitar camp finally coming to the surface.

So you can imagine my surprise and … let’s be honest … goofball pride when my daughter came home from school today with this masterpiece.  Apparently, she crafted it during her Science class, she says, after finishing her test.  I really hope that’s true.

I love that little nut job.



3 responses to “If Nerds could be Superheroes …

  1. I come here, all ready for boobs, and I get… NERDS? I may be in love!

    Your daughter is the greatest thing since sliced bananas. I say that with a complete sliced banana obsession. Just not in an obsessive way.

  2. Um… takes one to know one?? I mean, ME!, not your daughter- lol.

  3. Oh man. If one of my kids ever brings this home, I might just cry from joy. And warn her that her dad will be crying, but for much different, not as nice reasons.

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