Needed: Caption for this Picture

Milo recently introduced himself to Steve, our new school fair goldfish, and I snapped this picture.  Captions, anyone?


Oh, yeah. And also …

RIP Steve 10/14/11 – 10/22/11


6 responses to “Needed: Caption for this Picture

  1. “He’ll never see me stalking him as long as I’m behind the Spongebob guy!”

    Godspeed, Steve. Godspeed.

  2. “That guy over there used to be the Atomic Flounder. I know he doesn’t look like much now, but he could go back to crime … just like that.”

    Yes, we watch too much Spongebob in this house!

  3. Fish. It’s what’s for dinner.

  4. Patrick Starr: “I’m telling you, the cat was this big!”

  5. “Alright you two–as long as Patrick is on lifeguard duty, there will be no fighting, no knocking the aquarium over, and definitely no eating one another, understand?”

  6. I’m comin to geeeeet you! (said very slowly in creepy voice.)

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